Surface Well Testing


ELAAF DYNAMICS provides wide range of systems suited to tough testing environments. ELAAF DYNAMICS Well Testing Equipment allows easy expansion of modules to handle future increasing and changing process conditions.

The Testing operation iscontrolled through an upstream Test Tree, Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Valve, Choke Manifold, HP Pipework, Inlet and Outlet Data headers allow safe monitoring of high pressure process conditions.

Test Separator allows the individual testing of wells for monitoring production rates.

Real-time monitoring of process conditions is handled by the Wire-less data acquisition system which monitors separated process streams, process temperature and pressure at critical points.


ELAAF DYNAMICS has what it takes to answer questions through its well testing expertise. We offer solutions for testing in exploration, appraisal, development and production campaigns and most importantly the experts in this domain to operate the Testing Equipment, acquire reliable and accurate measurements and interpret data.

Equipment Technical Specifications to be found in ELAAF DYNAMICS website:

Services offered under well testing include:

  • Surface Well Testing
  • Multi-Phase Meter
  • Surface Sampling 
  • Bottom Hole Sampling
  • Surface Data Acquisition
  • Bottom Hole Memory Gauges
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