Reservoir Fluid Sampling


ELAAF DYNAMICS PVT Sampling Containers, manufactured by LEUTERT are ideal for international transport as they offer the flexibility of standard intermodal transport by sea, rail and truck. Our mobile containers are easily moved anywhere in the world and, as they are designed to maximize space while maintaining the capacity to fully integrate any piece of sampling equipment. Our Sampling Containers also serve the home base, adding functionality when not deployed to field sites and are also ideal for use in training programs.

ELAAF DYNAMICS PVT Sampling Containers are available in several sizes (20’, 40’, etc.) and can serve as mobile solution when deployed with a flatbed truck. ELAAF DYNAMICS offers a customized configuration to meet our customers’ project requirements. Typical containerized units are fully self-contained and include all necessary compressed air, lighting, N2 supply and ventilation systems. The containers are fully insulated suitable for operation in all extremes of climatic conditions.

ELAAF DYNAMICS custom-built mobile workstations offer following benefits:


  • Complete sampling equipment and accessories - specifically matched to customers’ needs.
  • Independent, standing, self-sufficient workstation for use even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Possibility of immediate transport via land, water, or air.


ELAAF DYNAMICS Bottom-hole Positive Displacement Sampler, manufactured by LEUTERT provides clients with representative down hole fluid samples which can be transferred on location to the sample bottle without the use of mercury. The samples, when analyzed, may provide data vital to the economic and technical evaluation of the reservoir.



  • Shortest sampler of its kind available in the market
  • Confirmed sample volume (600 cm³)
  • Ability to operate in hostile well conditions
  • Positive displacement operation
  • No risk of contamination prior to or after sampling
  • Adjustable sampling duration
  • Mercury-free transfer to shipping bottle
  • Positive locking after tool closure
  • Ability to validate sample in sample chamber

Equipment Technical Specifications to be found in ELAAF DYNAMICS 

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