Early Production Facility Services


Gas dehydration packages with liquid media technology (TEG)

These Units are usually installed in Gas Treatment Plant when dry gas is requested

Gas dehydration unit with fixed bed technology

These Units are normally installed in Gas Treatment Plants where the dry gas will be liquefied

Glycol regeneration unit

MEG Regeneration Unit are supplied as stand-alone packages; typically associated to LTS Plants

Gas sweetening unit

Natural gas where CO2 and/or H2S content is present are usually treated in Gas Sweetening Unit.


The High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) is a mechanical and electrical system designed to reduce the chance that the system pressure will exceed the tolerable allowable pressure.

H2S removal units – solid bed technology

Solid bed technology is Natural Gas Sweetening process which achieves a very fine purification

H2S Removal with liquid redox

This process is based on a reduction-oxidation reaction- that converts H2S present in sour gas

Nitrogen generation unit

Nitrogen is generated feeding pressurized air in to a polyimide hollow fiber membrane. The permeation rates of CO2, O2 and water vapor is faster than nitrogen diffuse through the fiber rapidly

Indirect water/glycol bath heaters

The main scope of these units is to heat the gas to avoid hydrates formation when the gas pressure is reduced.

Valves skid for gas processing unit

Valve skids are usually part of Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit

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