Coiled Tubing Services


ELAAF DYNAMICS Coiled Tubing “CT” solutions will be the result of over 30 years of people experience, dedicated and focused on understanding the reservoir first. Our CT deployment teams will offer you practical solutions to help you achieve significant operational and economic performance advantages on the surface and down-hole. CT applications include matrix stimulation, wellbore cleanout, perforating, nitrogen kickoff, drilling, fishing & milling, well circulation and mechanical isolation.

ELAAF DYNAMICS owns state of the art coiled tubing units with superior technology. Its multinational crew consisting of experienced oilfield engineers who design and execute customized solutions for clients based on well characteristics. ELAAF DYNAMICS provides coiled tubing services for onshore locations of local and international operators.

ELAAF DYNAMICS Coiled Tubing services help customers accomplish a wide variety of goals in their horizontal completion, workover and well maintenance projects. We operate the most technically enhanced coiled tubing units, capable of handling heavy-duty jobs in today's most challenging operating environments. Our services allow customers to complete projects quickly and safely across a wide spectrum of pressures, without having to kill or shut in their wells.

Our commitment to safety and training ensures our employees with the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform every component of our customer's jobs successfully.

ELAAF DYNAMICS's Coiled Tubing division provides our customers with a fully integrated suite of coiled tubing services, equipment and talent using a range of grades and sizes to be used in both onshore and offshore. From routine maintenance, remediation, setting tools, obtaining data and specialty applications, ELAAF DYNAMICS supplies a variation of customized solutions and are skilled in combining services with nitrogen, pipeline, well testing and water treatment.

ELAAF DYNAMICS has the necessary equipment to provide the following coiled tubing services for onshore fields across the Middle East and North Africa:

  • Conventional CT jobs 1 1/2" to 2"
  • Fill Clean Out and Scale Removal
  • Fishing, Drilling & Milling with Coiled Tubing
  • Setting & Retrieving Tools
  • Install/Retrieve Submersible Pumps
  • Operating Sliding Sleeves
  • Perforating with CT
  • Artificial Lifting Coiled-Tubing
  • Matrix Stimulation Treatments
  • Pumping Services
  • Pipeline Services
  • Leak Detection
  • Nitrogen & Nitrogen Lifting Services
  • Nitrogen Pressure Testing
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