Cased Hole Logging

Prolong the life of your existing wells

ELAAF DYNAMICS utilizes major Cased Hole Logging Tools Provider; which is a worldwide supplier of high technology equipment for production logging. The complete Cased Hole Wireline portfolio is focused on prolonging the life of existing wells, optimizing their output, and simplifying interventions when they're required.


Key Products

  • Production Logging Tools (SRO & Memory)
  • Slim PLT
  • HPHT - PLT
  • Multi Array Tool
  • Segmented Cement Bond Tool (SCBT)
  • Multi Finger Caliper (MFC)
  • Memory MFC
  • Casing Inspection Tool (CIT)

In addition, ELAAF DYNAMICS has access to Wireline Tractors extending the wireline conveyance to high-angle and horizontal wells. Tractors bring the efficiency of wireline operations to deep and highly deviated wells that were previously not wireline accessible reducing number of trips while at greater efficiency and lower cost than on drill pipe.  

ELAAF DYNAMICS uses a range of equipment to facilitate the deployment of down-hole tools into the well and to ensure acquisition of the best possible measurements. Data Acquisition and Interpretation using an integrated system for the acquisition and display of real time data, including interpretation software for post-processing of the data.

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